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How will Census 2021
look like?


Basic Information

So far Slovakia has performed the traditional census. Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic used to collect the data directly from the residents and foreigners having residence within Slovakia who were obliged at the census date to complete the forms by themselves (self-enumeration method), or with the help of census takers. The aim of the Census 2021 will be maximize usage of data from administrative data sources and registers and add the data obtained from the population.

Data for the Census 2021 will be collected electronically.

Objectives of the Census 2021

The aim of the Census 2021 is to obtain interconnected, reliable, comparable, unique data and information about the population - demographic, socio-economic and cultural structures, living conditions of inhabitants and their housing. This aim can be achieved only if the Census 2021 will be able to:

  • respect international and national commitments,
  • accept the relevant needs of data users considering of administrative burden on population of the Slovak Republic,
  • maintain maximal comparability with data from previous censuses; but level of spatial detail and breakdowns of particular topics will be the result of the method used for data collection,
  • try to mutually harmonize the demographic statistics data, registers and municipalities records aimed at improving the quality of outputs.
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