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What is the census?

Population and housing census is the most extensive and exhaustive statistical survey on population, their households and housing conditions. The Census 2021 will cover about 5.5 million persons and 1.1 million houses which will be the largest number of statistical units so far.

What census means for Slovak Republic?

Regarding of presence, it provides important and unique information on population, theirs households and housing at given moment. Regarding of future, census results are the basis for forecasting, i. e. they allow future development planning of society.

When will be the next census?

The next Census will be in 2021 in all member states of European Union.

What will make the Census 2021 special?

For the first time in Slovakia, it will take the form of an integrated census, it means that significant portion of the information on population, houses and dwellings will be obtained by registers and administrative data sources run by institutions of public administration.

What is expected from inhabitants?

Completion of census forms by inhabitants. Persons will answer to questions and provide data which we are not able to obtain from any other sources, but only by inhabitants themselves.

What will happen if person does not count?

There are several consequences. If anyone does not count, financial budget for municipality will be decreased. Data on the number of inhabitants obtained from the census will be the basis for the calculation of the share of personal income tax which each municipality gets and it is the main source of their budget for the next 10 years.

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