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The International workshop focused on exchanging the information and experience relating to the field data colection and other activities as part of the preparation of the census in 2021

8th June 2018

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office with connection with the preparation and implementation of the census, which will realized in 2021, organized in Bratislava on 29th – 30th May 2018 international workshop focused on exchanging the information and experience relating to the field data collection and other census activities as part of the preparation upcoming the census in 2021. The invitation was accepted by representatives of the statistical offices from Poland, Hungary and Portugal. Provision information about current state of preparations for extensive statistical action, such is census, exchanging of knowledge and experience, possible proposals for solutions problematic issues, were the main objectives of the international meeting.

After introductory welcome of the participants in the workshop, the speakers of each country got their word. Diverse and interesting information, which were presented encouraged further questions. On the second day of the work meeting took a prolific discussion on topics, that were on the basic of preferences countries considered to be the most important in terms of problems solving related to preparation of census in these countries. The workshop with international participation was in a friendly atmosphere, the main topics of the two-day meeting were: ways and course of data collection from the population in the field, possibilities census of housing and dwellings, territorial preparation, identification and authentication for purpose of e-collection, state and utilization of administrative data sources and registers, communication and promotion and outsourcing for individual part of census preparation.

It has been shown, that the statistical offices of the participating countries meet with similar obstacles and problems, we believe, that sharing of information, experiences, ideas and common search for possible solutions will contribute to a quality and successful census in 2021. Valuable information were mediated to participants of the international workshop. This information are exploitable in the next phases of the preparation nationwide project census 2021, resulting is satisfaction of all participating sides with course and conclusions of the talk.

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